Section Leaders

NSYWE will be assigning and starting the use of student instrument section leaders this season. It has been observed that there are some basic tasks that could be done more easily and efficiently by the students themselves.

Basic responsibilities:

Take attendance, inform committee members of absences.

Leaving early or arriving late inform your section leader.

Initiate the setting up/putting away of chairs and stands before and after rehearsal.

Ask members of the section to help, work with other section leaders during this process.

Ensure cleanup of section area at the end of the day (i.e. ask members to bin their own trash/puppy pads etc.)

Musical responsibilities: 

Check with section members before rehearsal to make sure they have their music.

Assist with part assignments and modifications as needed (divisi, breath marks, marking of parts).

Listen to the concerns of individuals in the section. Their opinions have value.

Correct tuning or fingering issues when possible.

Liaise with other section leaders regarding common issues.

Section members will be expected to pitch in when asked. When work is shared in a section, it creates a more enjoyable team environment. This energy benefits the entire ensemble.