Concert Dress

These are options for NSYWE Concert Dress.


For all options:

No décolletage, bare shoulders, low necklines, or midriffs. Simple jewelry.
Open-toed shoes or sandals are acceptable with dark stockings or pantyhose.
Do not wear scented products to rehearsals or concerts.

Option 1:
Black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, black dress shoes, and black socks.

Option 2: 
Black suit jacket, black dress pants, black dress shirt, black tie, black socks, black shoes.

Option 3:
Black long sleeve top or dress shirt, black dress pants, (no denim, no yoga pants), black tie, black socks, black shoes.  Tie-optional.

Option 4:
Floor-length or knee length black skirt, long-sleeved black top or blouse, black/dark pantyhose/tights, black dress shoes,

Option 5:
Floor-length or knee length black dress, black/dark pantyhose/tights, black dress shoes.

photo of Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble, circa 1990
Archival image of the NSYWE, circa 1990