NSYWE Registration Fees

The NSYWE Season Fee is $300, for the full season.

NSYWE uses these fees to pay for music and conductors, concert venues, and rehearsal weekend snacks.

As well, clinicians are hired during the rehearsal weekends to provide sectional music lessons to members.

Members also receive an NSYWE t-shirt

Your fee should be paid on or before the first NSYWE weekend. If you need more time, arrangements can be made.


Payment can be made at anytime by E-transfer, to nsywe@eastlink.ca

Payment can be made by cash, personal cheques or Visa/MasterCard/American Express in person on the first weekend.

NSYWE Bursaries

NSYWE has bursaries available for the 2022-2023 season.

NSYWE offers a bursary program; up to three full or partial bursaries may be awarded each year.

To apply for the bursary, please complete the bursary application form.

NSYWE Family Discount

We automatically apply discounted rates for families with more than one member in the NSYWE.

Full Rate for first child, 1/2 rate for second and third child.  (Ex. $300 for 1st child, $150 for second child.)