Illness and/or Covid-19

To strike an appropriate balance between safety and functionality, NSYWE will continue to have the following Illness and/or COVID protocols in place:

If you feel ill or have symptoms:
Do not come to rehearsal.
You will be excused for the rehearsal.
You may take a COVID rapid test before rehearsal just to be sure.

Please notify Hope Gendron (902) 497-3297 if you can not attend.

Flu shots and Vaccinations are strongly recommended.

Masking will not be mandatory. You may wear a mask if you wish.
We will discuss this during the first rehearsal weekend.

Hands should be sanitized or washed frequently.
This is especially important right after playing and before heading to the snack table.

Individual packaged snacks and fruit will be provided this season.

Breaks and Lunch:
Socialize outdoors whenever possible.

We will continue to monitor public health advisories and remain flexible throughout the season to have a safe and healthy environment.

Thank you for your cooperation!