Join the NSYWE

2023-2024 Season

How to Apply

To join the Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble, you must do two things:

1 – Submit an Online Application Form
     All returning and NEW applicants must complete the registration form.

Complete the online application form.

2 – Submit a Recording 
All returning and new applicants must submit a recording.

     Please record a audio (mp3) and/or video (mp4)
     share it as a link (from Google, Dropbox, or a private YouTube video)
or as an attachment with Hope Gendron (

     You must send all Three Parts of the following recorded items plus the audition form for consideration for entrance into the group:

          PART #1          SCALES
          PART #2          OWN CHOICE PLAYING SAMPLE
          PART #3          NSYWE REQUIRED EXCERPTS

Flute Audition Excerpts 2023
Oboe Audition Excerpts 2023
Clarinet Audition Excerpts 2023
Bass Clarinet Audition Excerpts 2023
Bassoon Audition Excerpts 2023
 Alto Saxophone Audition Excerpts 2023
Tenor Saxophone Audition Excerpts 2023
Baritone Saxophone Audition Excerpts 2023
Trumpet Audition Excerpts 2023
French Horn Audition Excerpts 2023
Trombone Audition Excerpts 2023
Euphonium Audition Excerpts 2023
Tuba & String Bass Audition Excerpts 2023
Percussion Audition Excerpts 2023

MARCH 31, 2023

The NSYWE’s mandate is, …”to provide a high-quality educational experience for talented young musicians in a manner and of a quality otherwise not available to them.”

Bursaries are available to students to help with travel and/or
registration fees.

Please contact Hope Gendron for more information.

After you submit your application and recording we will email you of your status.

  • Accepted. That’s it, you’re in! Your registration fee is due by the end of our first rehearsal weekend.
  • Alternate. If someone who is accepted into NSYWE opts not to take advantage of this opportunity, we may fill that vacancy with an alternate applicant.
  • Probationary. If your audition fell a little short of the others, you may be accepted on a probationary basis. You will be invited to attend the first weekend in September and to play with the band. The NSYWE team will monitor your progress and how you work with the band members. By the end of the weekend, you will be advised whether you have been accepted as a full member of the NSYWE.
  • Declined. Sometimes, there are just too many applicants for a limited number of positions. In a situation like this, we will advise you what you need to do to improve, and you will be encouraged to re-apply for a position with NSYWE next year.

If you have any questions about the application form, the audition process or the NSYWE, please e-mail Hope Gendron.