Join the NSYWE

Auditions Are Now Being Accepted (Closing Date Extended: Sunday, June 6, 2021)

To join the Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble, you must do three things:

1 – Submit an Online Application Form

Complete the online application form, even if you were an NSYWE member in the past. Your application is submitted online; there is no need to e-mail it.

2 – Watch for an e-mail with your NSYWE website registration details.

After NSYWE receives your online application, we will set up a user account for you on our website. You will receive an e-mail with your user account details, including a temporary password. This is a manual process so you might not receive your website registration e-mail for a few days. If you are already a member of NSYWE and you have logged into the website during the past year, you do not need to register on the website but you must still audition.

3 – Record and Upload Your Audition

There are three elements of your playing audition: scales; a solo musical excerpt of your choosing, up to one minute long; and the following required excerpts (excerpts no longer online…)
        • Audition – Flute
        • Audition – Oboe
        • Audition – Clarinet
        • Audition – Bass Clarinet
        • Audition – Bassoon
        • Audition – French Horn
        • Audition – Alto Saxophone
        • Audition – Tenor Saxophone
        • Audition – Baritone Saxophone
        • Audition – Trumpet
        • Audition – Bass Trombone
        • Audition – Tenor Trombone
        • Audition – Euphonium
        • Audition – Tuba
        • Audition – Percussion
Please record an audio file (.mp3) or video file (.mp4). You can record each part of your audition – scales, solo and excerpts – as a separate file or combine them all in one file. Separate files are recommended because if you record everything in one file, you need to play everything over to correct or improve one thing in your audition.

Recording Instructions: iPhone      Android

Name your file(s) as follows: Instrument-YourName-Part Recorded. Do not put spaces in your instrument name (i.e., use FrenchHorn not French Horn) or your name (i.e., JoanSmith). Use first and last names because sometimes more than one person with the same last name applies to the ensemble. For example, if Joan Smith sends her scales, solo and excerpts in one audio file, it should be titled FluteJoanSmithAll.mp3. If Tom Jones sends each part of the audition as a separate video file, his files should be titled TromboneTomJonesScales.mp4, TromboneTomJonesSolo.mp4 and TromboneTomJonesExcerpts.mp4. After you record your files, log in to the NSYWE website. In the text menu, click on For Members… and then click on Upload Your Audition File(s). Use the dialog box that appears to upload your audition. (You must be logged into the website to use the upload form.) You no longer need to e-mail your audition. Your audition will only be considered after you have:
        • Completed your NSYWE application form
        • Logged into the NSYWE website
        • Uploaded your audition file(s)

Frequently Asked Questions I submitted my application, now what happens? Senior members of the Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble team will begin reviewing the auditions in early June; applicants should have an answer by the end of June. Your status will be one of four options:
  • Accepted. That’s it, you’re in! Your registration fee is due by the end of our first rehearsal weekend.
  • Alternate. If someone who is accepted into NSYWE opts not to take advantage of this opportunity, we may fill that vacancy with an alternate applicant.
  • Probationary. If your audition fell a little short of the others, you may be accepted on a probationary basis. You will be invited to attend Boot Camp weekend in September and to play with the band. The NSYWE team will monitor your progress and how you work with the band members. By the end of the weekend, you will be advised whether you have been accepted as a full member of the NSYWE.
  • Declined. Sometimes, there are just too many applicants for a limited number of positions. In a situation like this, we will advise you what you need to do to improve, and you will be encouraged to re-apply for a position with NSYWE next year. The user account that was set up when you applied to join NSYWE will be deleted.
If you have any questions about the application form, the audition process or the NSYWE, please e-mail Hope Gendron.