October Weekend Changed

The original schedule included rehearsals during the Thanksgiving weekend. After consulting with the senior management team, members can now spend Thanksgiving with their families. We will rehearse during the October 12-14 weekend; the location remain unchanged: the Dartmouth Music Centre.

Audition Deadline Extended

There were Internet outages today, May 31, that may have impeded some young musicians from uploading their auditions by the end of today deadline.

As a result, NSYWE will continue to accept auditions for a few more days.

We look forward to listening to everyone’s audition recordings, starting next week, and to announcing our 2018-19 ensemble roster in June.

Website Registration

We’re pleased that you found us but it may be too early to register on the website.  Make your application to the NSYWE first and then register on the website.

One thing to remember… The e-mail address you use to register for the NSYWE website must match the e-mail address on your NSYWE application. Website administrators will not approve registrations that do not match with an NSYWE applicant’s e-mail address.

FAQ Added

We just added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the website, under Join NSYWE on the menu.

The FAQ answers questions about the season fee, available financial assistance, travelling to rehearsals and concerts and other need to know stuff.

Check it out.

All audition excerpts are up

Audition excerpts for all instruments are now online; we look forward to receiving your audition files. Instructions on how to record your audition and submit it for consideration are on the audition excerpts.

Audition excerpts are up

We’ve started to add the audition excerpts; so for there are excerpts for flute/piccolo, clarinet, oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon, alto and tenor sax. Bari sax, brass and percussion excerpts – and maybe more – should be up soon.