Website Registrations Closed

WordPress, our website development tool, recently went through a major upgrade and we have noticed a substantial increase in bogus international attempts to register on the site or to access its data. There have been about 1,000 such attempts in the past week alone, all stopped by our suite of security software.

Usually, intruders want to access financial information – credit cards and such, which are not kept on this website – or to access the server and use it to send spam e-mail. Our server stats show no indication that this has happened.

To err on the side of caution, all new NSYWE website registration requests will be denied. The final two rehearsal and concert weekends are fast approaching so it is unlikely that we will take on any new members now.

We may implement a more robust registration process, probably over the summer.

Weather Changes Rehearsal Schedule

With the poor weather forecast for Sunday, and appreciating that several members have long distances to travel, we are amending the rehearsal schedule for this weekend.

Friday evening, tonight, will proceed as planned.

Saturday evening will be extended until 7:30 p.m. and NSYWE will provide a pizza dinner for our member. We will conclude our rehearsal weekend at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday; there will be no rehearsals on Sunday.

Any member/parent who feels they would like to leave before 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, for travel safety reasons, is free to do so.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Hope Gendron at

Thanks for your understanding.

A Message from Artistic Director Dr. Mark Hopkins

Greetings, NSYWE members.

First, Happy New year.  I hope that each of you enjoyed a restful Christmas break.  We have a tremendous challenge before us as musicians.  The music is amazing, and very challenging at the same time.  Here is a summary of the program, with reference recordings.

1)  Opening Fanfare, Fanfare from the opera “La Peri” by Paul Dukas

(to be performed by combined Acadia U, Stad, and NSYWE Brass players at the very beginning of the concert)

NOTE: trumpets, it is a C trumpet part – you must transpose the part one whole tone higher than where it is written in order to play the correct pitches on your B-flat trumpet.

reference recording, led by Ernst Ansermet (a friend of Dukas’s) – our tempos will be different, but note the style changes

2)  Antiphonals by Donald Coakley

(to be played in the third set, by NSYWE alone)

Recording by the Acadia University Wind Ensemble, 2010, for the BRS publishing co.

3)  Overture from Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart

(to be played by NSYWE ww’s alone)

4) Sonata Pian e Forte by Giovanni Gabrieli

(NSYWE brass alone)

5) all four movements of the Philip Sparke’s symphony for wind band, Dance Movements

note – the second movement is ww’s alone, the third is MUTED brass alone

(NSYWE plus Stad Band, led by Stad CO Brad Ritson)

We have a huge amount to accomplish in a short time.  Please print your music, then listen to these recordings, with music in hand, and try to imagine how your part fits into the context of the whole piece.  Identify difficult technical passages, and start preparing them.  See you next week.


Mark Hopkins

Music/Parts Now Online

All of our Winter 2019 repertoire and parts assignments are now online! Log in, click on “For Members”, and then click on “Music 2018-19.” Download your parts and start practising. Enjoy!

We look forward to seeing all of you, January 4-6, at Acadia University in Wolfville.

Sharpe Dance Movements Update

The Sharpe Dance Movements music posted earlier in December was borrowed and annotated, because we were waiting for our original parts to arrive from the United Kingdom. Our original pieces have arrived and the clean, unmarked parts are now posted online.

Some of the parts had a title page and some did not. So, based on the page numbering, it may look like some pages are missing in some parts; they’re not. The versions posted are complete.

Winter Season

We’re getting ready for NSYWE’s winter season.

Dr. Hopkins is choosing the Winter 2019 music; you will receive an e-mail when the new music is posted on this website.

As well, we are getting ready for the 2019-2020 season auditions. We will start accepting auditions soon after our February concert. This way, you will know much sooner if you have been accepted into the ensemble.

There’s been a change in the saxophone section – Keigan Allen is now on baritone sax; Sam Johnston has moved to the alto.

The website is getting a slight makeover, too. The posts section – this section – has been edited; a lot of early posts that were no longer current have been removed. Most of the unused forums have been removed; we’ll decide on the remaining two – carpooling and general news – over the summer. Some of the tour-specific content has been removed, too.

Lucas March Performs with NSYO, Nov. 24-25

NSYWE clarinetist Lucas March will perform with the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra on Nov. 24 and 25, in Lunenburg and Halifax, respectively.

Lucas, who hails from New Glasgow, was the featured soloist in NSYWE’s fall concerts this year, and is the most recent NS Talent Trust scholarship recipient.

“I wish to thank every supporter of young musicians like me because it encourages me to continue to strive and expand my craft. Being a musician can be extremely expensive. If it weren’t for the generous support of family, friends, community partners, and organizations like the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

“I hope to inspire other music students in my community and in the province.”

On the program:
Beethoven: Egmont Overture
Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto No. 1
Béla Bartók: Violin Duos
Bedřich Smetana: Vltava (Die Moldau)
Johann Strauss: On the Beautiful Blue Danube

When and where:
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 7:00 pm
St. John’s Anglican Church, Lunenburg
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 7:00 pm
St. Andrew’s United Church, Halifax