A Message from Artistic Director Dr. Mark Hopkins

Greetings, NSYWE members.

First, Happy New year.  I hope that each of you enjoyed a restful Christmas break.  We have a tremendous challenge before us as musicians.  The music is amazing, and very challenging at the same time.  Here is a summary of the program, with reference recordings.

1)  Opening Fanfare, Fanfare from the opera “La Peri” by Paul Dukas

(to be performed by combined Acadia U, Stad, and NSYWE Brass players at the very beginning of the concert)

NOTE: trumpets, it is a C trumpet part – you must transpose the part one whole tone higher than where it is written in order to play the correct pitches on your B-flat trumpet.

reference recording, led by Ernst Ansermet (a friend of Dukas’s) – our tempos will be different, but note the style changes

2)  Antiphonals by Donald Coakley

(to be played in the third set, by NSYWE alone)

Recording by the Acadia University Wind Ensemble, 2010, for the BRS publishing co.


3)  Overture from Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart

(to be played by NSYWE ww’s alone)

4) Sonata Pian e Forte by Giovanni Gabrieli

(NSYWE brass alone)

5) all four movements of the Philip Sparke’s symphony for wind band, Dance Movements

note – the second movement is ww’s alone, the third is MUTED brass alone

(NSYWE plus Stad Band, led by Stad CO Brad Ritson)

We have a huge amount to accomplish in a short time.  Please print your music, then listen to these recordings, with music in hand, and try to imagine how your part fits into the context of the whole piece.  Identify difficult technical passages, and start preparing them.  See you next week.


Mark Hopkins