Winter Season

We’re getting ready for NSYWE’s winter season.

Dr. Hopkins is choosing the Winter 2019 music; you will receive an e-mail when the new music is posted on this website.

As well, we are getting ready for the 2019-2020 season auditions. We will start accepting auditions soon after our February concert. This way, you will know much sooner if you have been accepted into the ensemble.

There’s been a change in the saxophone section – Keigan Allen is now on baritone sax; Sam Johnston has moved to the alto.

The website is getting a slight makeover, too. The posts section – this section – has been edited; a lot of early posts that were no longer current have been removed. Most of the unused forums have been removed; we’ll decide on the remaining two – carpooling and general news – over the summer. Some of the tour-specific content has been removed, too.